About Kenkoderm

Kenkoderm was originally developed by a dermatologist for her husband, who suffered from psoriasis. He wanted an alternative treatment that did not use steroids or biologics that can often have side effects.

After identifying that one source of the inflammation and flaring of psoriasis was caused by the skincare products he was using, the couple teamed up with other dermatologists to develop a skincare line focused on reducing symptoms associated with psoriasis. Not only was this making his skin feel better, but he felt himself again. 

Initially, the product was made in a small batch for himself, but realizing how big of an impact this product had on him, he wanted to share this with others who are suffering with psoriasis.

Together, his wife and him developed a few other products containing ingredients that treat inflammation and breakouts. They launched their product line with the hopes of helping others who have suffered at the hands of psoriasis.