Why is my Psoriasis "Spreading"

Many of us with psoriasis may see a small patch of red, flaky skin on your leg but then the next day it has nearly doubled in size and is more inflamed and red than before. An experience like this can not only be scary, but could make you think, “is my psoriasis somehow spreading?” Rest assured that your psoriasis cannot ‘spread’ like a rash, but instead can be triggered by various different factors which can cause a flare up. Your psoriasis is also not ‘spreadable’, meaning it is not contagious and you cannot give it to another person. While this information is reassuring, it does not answer the question about how your psoriasis is seeming to spread all over your body. Here are some facts and tips for psoriasis flare ups and how to stop the ‘spread’:

Your psoriasis may ‘spread’ during a flare up. You could start with one or two small red patches that then get bigger or start to spread to other places over your body. The good thing to know here is that this is normal. While it is uncomfortable, it is not something to be alarmed about and it can be treated. Psoriasis is cyclical, meaning it is dormant for a few weeks or months and then becomes active again for a few weeks, which is called a flare up. 

A flare up can be caused by various different triggers such as: the weather, stress, starting a new medication, or heavy drinking/ smoking. The best way to deal with a flare up is to talk with your doctor and find a treatment plan that is right for you. If you use the treatment regularly and follow your doctor’s instructions then this should lessen the severity of flare ups or get rid of them all together.

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