Planning for Flare Ups

When you have psoriasis, one of the biggest things that many worry about is when and where you might be when a new psoriasis flare up occurs. A flare up can often occur at the most inconvenient times, and can leave those struggling with psoriasis feeling helpless and frustrated. We are here to share with you some of our tips and tricks to try and minimize psoriasis flare ups before they even show up, so that you can spend less time worrying about your psoriasis, and more time focusing on the things that you enjoy! These are only a few tips that we have to make some improvement in psoriasis flare ups, but will not diminish them completely. Consult your doctor for any professional medical advice.


We recommend having a diet full of anti-inflammatory foods such as dark green leafy vegetables as well as different types of berries and tree nuts. Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease, so trying to pack your diet full of anti-inflammatory foods could be beneficial to those flare ups that we all dread. If you carry around some healthy snacks with you, then you will be less tempted to go for those vending machine snacks if you get hungry throughout the day. 

We also recommend staying well hydrated. Carrying around a reusable water bottle is the best way to remind yourself to drink water continuously throughout the day and resist the temptation to grab a sugary drink while out and about. 


For both mental and physical health, we recommend sticking to a consistent exercise routine. Exercising is not only beneficial for our heart and all of our organs (skin being our biggest organ!) but it is also good for our mental health. Our body is very affected by our mental health. When we feel positive and happy, then we look better and feel better too. It is important to exercise as often as possible, do things that you enjoy that are relaxing, and pick up a few hobbies. Keeping yourself busy with things you enjoy can also be beneficial to your mental health and keep your psoriasis flare ups at bay. 


Wearing loss and comfortable clothing can also help if you are having a psoriasis flare up. If you keep some clothing with you, possibly in your car or in your office at work, it can help if you are struck with a sudden flare up. This can be extremely helpful in order for you to finish out your work day with some relief before being able to go home and deal with the flare up accordingly. 


We recommend using fragrance + color free products with high quality ingredients to help treat your psoriasis. That is why we love Kenkōderm so much! All of our products are fragrance + color free as well as free of any harsh irritants that would be damaging to psoriatic skin. We use only the best ingredients such as Dead Sea mud that reduces inflammation in the skin and Mineral Salt that gently nourishes and conditions psoriatic skin. In both of our soaps we use Shea butter, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E that are extremely moisturizing to the skin. In our best-selling cream, we use salicylic acid which mildly exfoliates the skin and reduces flaking, scaling, and itching. The shea butter works to make your skin smooth and moisturized along with Meadowfoam seed oil. 

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