Managing Mental Health with a Chronic Illness

Mental health can be a difficult subject for most of us to talk about. We either feel ashamed for having a mental illness, or we are not sure if others will be able to relate to our pain or what we are going through internally. Not only is mental health an important thing to be open and honest about with those you trust, but so is a chronic illness. Unfortunately, having a chronic illness and struggling with mental health often go hand in hand. A large percentage of people with a chronic illness suffer from some sort of depression. While these statistics are somber, there is hope for us all that suffer from a chronic illness along with a mental health issue. Kenkoderm knows that chronic illnesses and mental health issues are not curable, but here are some tips from us that we hope can help make things a little more bearable:

One of the most important things you can do for both a chronic and mental illness is to stay active. We have all heard it before, but staying active and exercising can substantially reduce symptoms of depression in adults. One study showed that once adults stopped exercising, they started experiencing symptoms of depression afterwards. It is important to form a consistent and realistic workout routine for yourself so that you can stay motivated and not be discouraged when trying to workout. Do not start out working out every day a week - try by starting to work out once or twice a week and then you can build up from there depending upon how much time you have and what types of exercises you do. It is also helpful to start working out with a close friend or family member! This can help motivate you to start working out consistently and they can encourage you to stay up on your routine even when you do not feel the best.

It is important to lean on friends and family members during hard times. They can help support you emotionally as well as do anything that they can to assist you physically - such as lifestyle changes or helping with exercising regularly. It is always nice to have someone cheering you on and helping you through tough times and someone you can talk to and confide in.

Another important factor that goes into the maintenance of good mental and physical health is sleep! Sleep is so important for our overall health and well being and can greatly impact mental health. Doctor’s recommend that the average adult get eight hours of sleep each night to feel well rested and be alert and focused throughout the day. 

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