Stress! Psoriasis' Enemy

Stress can trigger psoriasis flares

Stress can cause flares, and flares can be stressful. Inflammation is the body's way to handle with stress. The immune system responds to injury by sending out chemicals that cause inflammation to help heal wounds. For individuals with psoriasis, the immune system sends out too many of those chemicals.

A few ways to manage your stress:

  1. Incorporate exercise into your daily and weekly routine. As much as running, lifting, or cycling can be good for your heart, it is also very beneficial to your mind
  2. Find pockets of time throughout the day to relax. It is important to take breaks throughout the day to calm your nerves and literally chill. In addition, at the end of the night, do not check your work phone/email
  3. Get enough sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and protects your mental health, physical health, and quality of life.


  • I believe stress is a key trigger for my scalp psoriasis. I work for a large accounting firm and this time of year is always stressful and scalp is irritated.

    Chad Dolly
  • I need help I have severe Psoriasis I cannot get rid of it I Divorced husband of 30 years lost my car job moved into new apartment and GUESS WHAT? THE place had bed bugs OMG I was EATIN BADELY I went toDr he said Dermatologist well Because Covid 19 no one would /Could help me my body is suffering my emotional Mentally physically ..I have been alone 3 years know I have found a man I REALLY LIKE AND CANNOT GET rid of this it’s head to toe litter LY. Help me please Dawn DUNHAM..

    Dawn DUNHAM

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