You're in Good Company - Celebrities have Psoriasis Too!

Although celebrities can seem out of touch with our day to day lives, they do struggle with some of the same things that we do. Although our lives are very different from the A listers in Hollywood, seeing others with a similar condition to you can make you feel like you are not alone. Here is a list of some celebrities with psoriasis:

Cara Delevingne

Famous model, Cara Delevingne, shares her struggles with the autoimmune disease as well. She is open about her psoriasis but shares that it was hard when she first started modeling. A lot of people would think that her flare ups meant she was contagious, and they would not want to come near her. She says that educating people about the disease is the best way to help those of us with psoriasis feel more comfortable in our skin. 

Dara Torres

Being an olympic swimmer, you are constantly having to show a lot of skin on national television and in front of strangers at various competitions and meets. While she was training for the Olympics, she started getting a rash all over her body. Her doctor told her that the chlorine and stress were not helping her psoriasis, but there was unfortunately not much she could do about it as she was always in the pool and usually had a lot of pressure on her at all times. She made the decision to come forward and speak openly about her psoriasis and stopped worrying about others opinions and focused on her career as an olympic swimmer. 

Eric Jones

Eric Jones was a cast member on MTV’s Road Rules: Campus Crawl back in 2001. It was not until his early 30s when he started seeing psoriasis flare ups. While you may no longer see Eric on MTV, he was recently featured on CNBC for some of the development finance investments he has made in emerging marketing. Eric is a psoriasis advocate and has worked with the National Psoriasis Foundation on many of their events.

Eli Roth

Actor Eli Roth says he has been dealing with Psoriasis since a young age. He said that he experienced bad psoriasis outbreaks specifically on his legs. This caused him to have difficulty walking and he wants to encourage people to get medical treatment and find the right treatment plan for themselves. 

John Lovitz 

Former SNL star, John Lovitz, said he first got one rash on his body but did not think much of it. Before he knew it, over 75 percent of his body was covered in lesions and he was itchy, cracking, bleeding and flaking all the time and he was in extreme discomfort. He then went public with his condition in hopes of helping others struggling with the disease as well. He later found a good treatment plan that worked for him and he has been using this treatment plan ever since and encourages others to seek out good treatment plans for themselves as well.  

Johnathan Van Ness

Most famous for his role in the Netflix show, Queer Eye, Johnathan Van Ness continues to be open and honest about his struggles with psoriasis and hopes that he can help others by sharing his story. He says that it took him a while to be diagnosed correctly with psoriasis and he encourages those with psoriasis to not give up and to keep searching for the treatment that is best for them.

Katie Lowes

Actress Katie Lowes says that she has been struggling with psoriasis since she was 28 years old. She first broke out with a psoriasis flare during a stressful time in her life when a lot of changes were occurring. She says that stress and diet are big triggers for her psoriasis. She recommends working out regularly as well as maintaining a healthy diet to keep flare ups at minimum. 

Kim Kardashian West

You definitely know who she is or have heard her name, but you may not know that she struggles with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. She said that she first started seeing symptoms when she was 25 years old and knew immediately that it was psoriasis because she had seen her mother, Kris Jenner, struggle with the autoimmune disease as well. She initially got cortisone injections which kept the disease at bay until she entered her thirties and her psoriasis came back. She says that she has one spot on her lower right leg that is almost always flaring up, but she has occasional flare ups in other places as well and wants those of us with psoriasis to know that we are not alone.

La La Anthony

TV personality and actress, La La Anthony, has lived with psoriasis for about 15 years. She has since shared her journey with psoriasis and in 2015, she became a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation and is trying to help others with the disease as much as she can. 

LeAnn Rimes

The Grammy award winning singer, LeAnn Rimes, struggles with psoriasis as well. Earlier in her career, she would do everything she could to hide her flare ups. She would wear longer shirts or dresses so she would not be drawing attention to her psoriasis flares. She finally decided to open up about her psoriasis and she has since partnered with the National Psoriasis Foundation to try and help others feel confident in their own skin. 

Phil Mickelson

Famous golfer, Phil Mickelson, had chronic pain on and off for years. His joints would be left feeling sprained, but he assumed it was due to the years of playing golf and training that put stress on his joints. Later, he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis but he was luckily able to start treatment shortly after being diagnosed and encourages others to find the treatment plan that is right for them. 

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