When the Weather Outside Frightful - Tips for Psoriasis in the Winter

Cold weather can trigger psoriasis flares, but here are a few tips to combating the drying effects of frigid temperatures and indoor heating.

Tip #1 - Choose Baths Over Hot Showers. Long showers in hot water remove moisture from your skin. Shower in warm water just long enough to soap up and rinse off. You can relax in the tub, though. Lather with Kenkoderm's Dead Sea Mud and Mineral Salt soaps in a warm bath. Soak for about 15 minutes to slough off scales, soothe itching, and unwind. Apply moisturizing cream or lotion right after to lock the water in.

Tip #2 - Drink water. To add moisture to the skin, drink plenty of water. You'll know if you're getting enough because your urine will be a pale yellow. If your urine is bright yellow or dark-colored, you may need more water.

Tip #3 - Wear soft layers. Cold weather and wind can irritate your skin and trigger flare-ups. They can also make psoriasis in your joints more painful. Bundle up in a soft scarf, hat, and gloves when you go outside to protect exposed areas of skin. Dress in layers you can peel off to avoid getting too hot -- sweating can make psoriasis worse. Choose cotton over wool, denim, and other fabrics that are more likely to bother your skin.

Tip #4 - Ease stress. The winter holidays are full of cheer, but they also bring stress, which can make psoriasis worse. Plan time to relax and find time to exercise to relieve stress to reduce flare-ups.

Tip #5 - Use a humidifier. To wake up with smooth skin, use a device to keep indoor air moist. Run it in your bedroom at night to counter the drying effects of indoor heating. Be sure to follow the directions for cleaning the humidifier to avoid a buildup of bacteria.

Bonus Tip: Smooth on moisture. Keep your skin moist to ease redness and itching, and heal psoriasis patches. Be on the lookout for Kenkoderm's Psoriasis Cream being released in January.


  • I got some of your soap for Christmas love it love it I always itch when I get out of the bathtub no itching I’m so so happy thank you can’t wait until I can get cream

    Pamela Baldwin
  • Hi this is Sheila Roper could you please send me information to my email address on your creams for psoriasis I did order shampoo and soap and I haven’t received it yet thank you so much for your order I appreciate it and happy holidays to you and your family

    Sheila Roper
  • Appreciate your tips on psoriasis and hope to receive more, also, when will the conditioner for the hair be ready for sale…looking forward to it

    Jeanne Hawekotte
  • Thank you!

    Silvia Mandler

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