Strategies to Conquer Workday Stress When You Have Psoriasis

As many of us return to work, we also might notice the return of the everyday grind stress we used to endure as we re-enter the co-work space. Not only did we have the luxurious and rare opportunity to create our own routine and live a little bit more to the beat of our own drum, but it’s also been long enough at home to have grown comfortable this way. We made an adjustment to change once, and now we are changing again. These renewed stresses can have a compounding effect on those with psoriasis. Here, we’re going to look at three ways you can ease discomfort with the return to the office, ease the stress from the job, and move gracefully through your workday – everyday. 

Identify Your Triggers

To fix a problem, we must first acknowledge there is a problem. Understanding your triggers for stress is an integral piece of making sure that these issues aren’t set off. Eliminating certain pieces of your day, avoiding procrastination, setting realistic goals, can all be a cohesive part of eliminating stress. Once you identify this, you’ll be able to avoid and solve for these problems. Prioritizing and setting goals are major stress-causes and you can work these out of your day simply by being conscious of the practices necessary to avoid them. 

Take Breaks 

One of the biggest recommendations to reduce stress is to take breaks in your day. Try to make the most out of your breaks, even a few minutes of taking personal time during a busy day can completely overhaul your outlook. Even if taking a break sounds like taking time out of your day, research found that it can actually increase your productivity exponentially and result in the end having a much better day overall. Take a few moments, call a friend, go for a walk, anything to put space between you and your workday. These breaks can reduce stress, thus can reduce flare ups caused when someone with psoriasis is over stressed. 

Set Boundaries

It’s one thing to be a great and approachable employee, it’s another thing to be too attainable and have people not understand that you might actually be sleeping at night instead of checking your email! Especially with the habits of working from home, it can feel as if there are no boundaries between you and your work, but you must take care to create these lines in order to have a healthy relationship with your job and with stress in general. Set aside time where you are not checking your phone or email, block time in your calendar for family and friends, and be sure to keep how much computer time you’re spending in check. 

Stress = Negative Effects

Not only negatively affecting your mind and emotions, stress can also place you at a greater risk for physical issues like psoriasis and other problems. If you’re already suffering from something stress induced, workday stress can only add on to the problem. By following these simple tips to reduce your workday stress, you potentially reduce stress overall and increase your quality of life exponentially. 

In conclusion, by implementing strategies to conquer your workday stress, you are well on your way to reducing the negative impacts that can play on your day at work and can cause your psoriasis to flare up.

Good luck with the return to the office!

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