Shaving Tips for Psoriasis

When people say they have psoriasis, they are usually talking about plaque psoriasis, which causes patches of thick red skin with silvery scales. These plaques are more easily irritated by shaving and more prone to nicks and cuts.

Below are a few tips of how to best shave your face and legs.

Tip #1 - Shave in the shower. Warm water exfoliates and softens your hair. Also, don't make shaving the first thing you do in the shower. Allow time for your leg hair to soften and your follicles to open.

Tip #2 - Take your time [and use a mirror for your face] to prevent accidental cuts. Rushing through shaving only increases your risk for cutting yourself, especially around the knees, where psoriasis loves to flare up. 

Tip #3 - Use a quality razor. A multiblade razors to help reduce cuts and irritation. Look for a razor specifically designed for sensitive skin and razor bumps.

Tip #4 - Replace your shaving blades often. A dull razor leads to bad results. Some people use disposable razors to ensure they always have a fresh blade. 

Tip #5 - Use a shaving creams vs a gel which are often alcohol-based.

Tip #6 - Shave in the direction of the hair.  Shaving against the grain may get you a closer shave, but that’s also how you can irritate your skin.

Tip #7 - Moisturize after shaving. Kenkoderm Psoriasis Moisturizing Cream promotes healing and improve the appearance of compromised skin for long-lasting relief from the negative impact of psoriasis on daily life. 


  • Thanks for the tip on cream vs gel didn’t know about the alcohol in the gel. Been using EDGE forever never seem to bother my face, but I’ll ck it out and see if there’s a difference.

    Robert LaRoque
  • Thanks for the tips. I’m always scared to shave but obviously I do. Thank God it’s winter so I don’t have to that often lol. ✌Psoriasis stinks!

  • Thank you for the tips on shaving.. Appreciate much

    Mary Nettles
  • Thanks for the tip, it is a problem and I think this will help.

    Susie Swafford

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