How Adding Fish & Omega 3s to Your Diet Can Help Psoriatic Skin

June 18th is National Sushi Day! There are numerous benefits to eating fish, as they are filled with omega 3-fatty acids and vitamins B12 and D. Vitamin D is vital to our overall health, and 40% of Americans may be deficient in it. 

Fish is considered to be one of the most heart-healthy foods and can be beneficial for brain development as well. Studies have shown that people who eat fish have seen slower rates of mental decline with age. Fish have an enormous amount of healthy fats and there is research that suggests that fish can be beneficial for autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis!

We all know that diet and exercise is the key to a healthy and long life, but if you include omega 3-fatty acids into your diet this can also help eliminate inflammation and possibly reduce the signs of psoriasis. People who are overweight may experience more inflammation, which may increase symptoms of psoriasis. This is why diet and exercise along with the addition of some healthy fats may decrease the symptoms of psoriasis and inflammation.

Eating fish one or two times per week is very beneficial to one’s diet, and it is also recommended to get wild caught salmon rather than farm raised fish as the wild caught have more omega-3 fatty acids which aids in decreasing inflammation throughout the body. The food that we put in our body and the products we put on our skin can have a significant effect on us and how our body is performing. Kenkoderm is one product that can help the effects of psoriasis. We always recommend exercising, eating right, and taking care of your mental health in addition to using Kenkoderm products in your daily routine.

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